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Our products are handmade to your exact specifications and are completely bespoke to you and your business.

We provide lecterns, tables, seating and media walls for spaces such as boardrooms, libraries and meeting rooms.

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Academy Range

Academy lecterns and cabinets from Quadra Concepts provide an eye-catching, innovative and affordable solution for educational, training & presentation applications.


The unprecedented flexibility of the range enables any number of basic units to be assembled together, from a single or double mobile cabinet to a bespoke lecture theatre or classroom console. Academy solutions combine style and durability with features and finish of the highest quality – a professional resource for any modern meeting or teaching environment.


Quadra provides designer hand built boardroom tables and matching furniture for the age of technology. The Quadra woodworking team is highly experienced and operates in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. They are experts in the integration of hidden cable connector points, recessed conference microphones or integrated monitor screens.


Talk to us about tables designed and built for the digital comms age. We promise to improve your comfort and your communications – and transform the style and effectiveness of your meetings.


Quadra provides custom built seating for a number of environments. Whether it’s for a large lecture theater, a small school classroom or a corporate meeting room, we can provide modern, bespoke solutions to suit your needs and requirements.


Designed with comfort and style in mind, Quadra are are very flexible in their designs and will always incorporate durability with features and finishes of the highest quality.

Libraries & Receptions

Quadra are specialists in refurbishing school libraries and receptions for environments such as schools, colleges and universities. Fully equipped to provide new book shelves and mobile book trolleys, we are very confident in our ability to revamp your space, no matter what shape or size it is.


We also provide bespoke furniture for reception, dining and kitchen areas. Call us to talk about your ideas for updating and improving your environments where quality, craftsmanship is needed.


Free standing, fully equipped and quickly installed in any environment, Quadra Qubes provide instant, private space for video conferencing, quality meetings or secure monitoring activities – without any structural work.


The unit can be assembled and operational within 48 hours in an open plan office area, atrium or warehouse. Its unique shape allows for easy multiple unit configurations and for such a versatile, high quality concept, the cost may come as a pleasant surprise.