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Quadra Furniture Accessories. A range of items to compliment and enhance your Quadra lecterns, cabinets and tables.

Aircharge is an ingenious technology which allows the wireless charging of devices such as mobile phones or tablets.
A sensor is installed into the table top or other item of furniture which works in conjunction with a wireless charging case for your iPhone or other phones and tablets.
When the device is placed over the sensor it is charged by induction thus no unsightly cables are required.
Qi enabled devices have no need for a charging case, however non Qi enabled devices require the purchase of a case. These are available for iPhone, Samsung and virtually all recent makes and models.
If a case is unavailable don’t worry-we can supply a handy plug-in dongle!
Phone us for more advice and information.

Aircharge perfectly compliments the Quadra range of Tables, Lecterns and Teacher Desks.

Control Panel Housings
Quadra manufacture a range of stock and bespoke control panel housings.
These can accommodate system control panels and switches, small displays, touch screen panels for AMX, Crestron, SY or similar as well as any specialist devices you may have.
The control panel housings are conveniently angled towards the user giving easy access.
Our control panel housings can be incorporated onto lecterns, teacher desks or boardroom tables.
The are usually finished in a matching veneer or melamine to provide an elegant built-in solution.

Open Frame Racks
Our open frame racks are both lightweight and robust.  They are supplied in a black powder coat finish or other colours to special order.
They are designed for 19″ standard rack plates and include earth bonding studs in the base. They can be bolted together to make a single tall rack.
Quadra racks are supplied flat packed for easy assembly. Our equipment racks are the perfect partner for Quadra Lecterns, Cabinets and Credenzas.

*Quadra products and solutions are only available through a network of AV integrators
*AV technology is supplied and fitted  by your AV integrator
*If you don’t currently have a relationship with an AV integrator contact us and we will recommend several in your location.

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