Bespoke Boardroom Tables, Meeting Room Tables AV Media Walls

Here at Quadra, we have 24 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing Bespoke Boardroom tables, Meeting Room Tables and AV Media walls from entry level right through to executive.

If you are looking for bespoke boardroom tables or meeting room furniture for any application you need look no further! We start with a clean sheet to ensure that your table design is totally unique and meets your precise requirements. To provide a co-ordinated look we can also provide matching credenzas and media walls in either a contrasting or matching finish to your table. (click here for media walls) (click here for credenzas and cabinets) (click here for seating)

We will visit your premises and to discuss your requirements. We will draw up a room layout in CAD and design specifically to your requirements.  We can also provide a 3D photo realistic visual of exactly how your room will look with a completed Quadra solution.

Quadra manufacture a wide range of tables in many shapes sizes and finishes. When we quote we offer 4 levels of quality:

Gold+ – 30mm thick table top with outer cross band veneer, black 5-6mm inlay with an inner veneer. Outer edge is hardwood lipped.
Gold – 30mm thick table top with a single veneer. Outer edge is hardwood lipped.
Silver – 25mm thick table top with a single veneer. Outer edge in real wood 3mm veneer.
Bronze – 25mm thick table top with in a single melamine. Outer edge is a 2-3mm PVC/ABF edging.

Featured below are examples of projects we have completed for various clients (our grateful thanks to clients for allowing us feature their installations)

Click to view the Quadra Seating Range to compliment our tables.

If you would like to incorporate cordless mobile phone charging to your table top, click here for Aircharge

*Quadra products and solutions are only available through a network of AV integrators
*AV technology is supplied and fitted  by your AV integrator
*If you don’t currently have a relationship with an AV integrator contact us and we will recommend several in your location.

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