Collaboration and Huddle Furniture

Collaboration in the work place is when two or more people, often groups, work together through idea sharing and thinking to accomplish a common goal.
It is simply team work taken to a higher level and in recent years we have seen an explosion in demand for it!
Here at Quadra we have developed a number of solutions designed to encourage collaboration and make best use of your precious space.
Alliance Range – The Alliance range is a perfect solution for group thinking.  It features a table design allowing all participants to clearly see each other and the display screen.  They can all connect to the screen to share ideas and video conferencing can be incorporated.   Alliance is available to suit 3, 5, 7, 9 or 11 people.
WorkZone – WorkZone is similar to Alliance but offers more flexibility with the shapes available as well as a massive choice of real wood veneers and durable melamine finishes.
Huddle Space – Huddle space is a stylish high back soft seat range offering comfort and privacy.  Huddle space offers a simple low cost solution to providing a relatively private team working environment in areas of unused space such as lobby and reception areas, mezzanines or open plan offices. Its fabric panels provide an element of sound proofing, reducing interference on the outside whilst helping to maintain privacy within.  Available in 4 or 6 seat versions in a huge range of colour options.  Optional display screen and AV/electrical connections can be incorporated by your AV integrator (or we can recommend several to you).

Please contact us for more information, dimensions and pricing.

See also the Quadra Seating Range to perfectly compliment our Collaboration Furniture

*Quadra products and solutions are only available through a network of AV integrators
*AV technology is supplied and fitted  by your AV integrator
*If you don’t currently have a relationship with an AV integrator contact us and we will recommend several in your location.

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