5×3 Immersive touch video wall


A 15 screen immersive-touch media wall

Design Brief
Quadra were approached by a leading Audio Visual integrator to build an immersive media wall for their customer, a global videoconferencing manufacturer.  The media wall had to house 15 screens within the framework. A video conference camera needed to be installed above the centre screen.  Finally a touch screen matrix needed to be located at the periphery of all the screens thus providing a 6×2 meter giant multi-touch screen capability!

We designed the media wall around all the screens and brackets, which included the touch sensors and finished it in a highly attractive polished Valchromat piano black lacquer.



The Brief

The end-user is one of the worlds leading electronics manufacturers.  They were planning to completely refurbish their London boardroom to incorporate a videoconferencing suite. Their requirement was that the display and vc camera were to be housed in the media wall and the table had to seat 18 people.


We drew up detailed plans to show how the video conferencing camera angle would capture all the delegates and provided photo realistic visuals of the design. The client was impressed with the wishbone shaped meeting table, and selected a high quality real walnut veneer.

The Outcome

“I am delighted with the end result both aesthetically and technically.  My colleagues and our visitors have been very complementary about the design and quality of the finish and highly professional installation.”

Foot note

Samsung are a highly reputable high tech global manufacturer.  Quadra are naturally proud of every clients project but we were especially pleased to have been entrusted with this Samsung installation.


A Tapered shape tables incorporating electric motorised pop up displays

Identical Telepresence suites installed in the boardrooms for National Grid at The Strand London and Warwick

Finished in Maple and Walnut veneers

Design Brief
National Grid had a requirement to refurbish their boardrooms in London and their Warwick head office to incorporate telepresence technology. Both venues had to seat 22 people and to gain the full telepresence effect had to be absolutely identical to each other. Multi screen video conferencing technology was to be installed in both venues to allow meetings of up to 44 participants with a clear view of each individual present as if they were together in a single room.

We drew the room layout and applied various table shapes each of which allowed the 3 video conferencing cameras an acceptable perspective of each individual present within the 2 rooms. We then provided photo realistic visuals of the design which the client approved.
The client decided on the a tapered shape table with maple and walnut veneers. This design met their requirements both technically and aesthetically.  The installations in both rooms were carried out simultaneously and the rooms are  genuinely indistinguishable one from the other

tele-presence media wall

The Brief

The end-user is a university innovation center sponsored by 3M.  Their requirement was for a telepresence suite, which would also be used as a meeting room. The requirement was for a media wall to incorporate telepresence displays and vc cameras but to also house a large interactive display. The large barrel shaped boardroom style table had to seat 6 people in vc mode and 18 to 20 in meeting room mode.


We drew up detailed plans showing how the camera angles would work for vc mode and provided photo realistic visuals of the design.  The client liked the barrel shaped table to accommodate 18 to 20 people and decided upon finishing both the table and media wall in top quality oak and walnut veneers.

The Outcome

” The client reported they were more than impressed with the end result both aesthetically and technically.  Quadra succeeded in fulfilling our requirement for a dual purpose room without compromise. Colleagues and visitors alike have been very complementary about the design and intuitive functionality of the room.”

Media wall with recessed single screen

The Brief

J Murphy & Sons ltd is a leading global engineering and construction company.  They provide a wide range of construction services to infrastructure sectors including rail, water, power and natural resources.
They were planning to completely refurbish their London meeting room to incorporate video conferencing. Their requirement was that the display and vc camera were to be housed in the media wall and the table had to seat 14 people.


We drew up detailed plans and provided photo realistic visuals with a choice of design options. The client chose a rectangular shaped meeting table and selected top quality top quality oak and walnut veneers for the table and media wall.

The Outcome

“I am extremely happy with the end result; the design, functionality and finish all exceed my expectations.  Colleagues and visitors alike have commented on the professional appearance of the room and ease of operation.”

Single screen media wall

A Barrel shaped boardroom table for meetings and Video Conferencing. Along with the table we also designed and manufactured the media wall which incorporates the screens and VC camera (supplied and installed by the integrator)

Finished in Ash and Walnut veneers

The Brief

The Co-operative group is a British consumer co-operative with a diverse family of retail businesses including food retail, electrical, financial services, insurance, legal and funeral care.

The Co-op required a meeting room to accommodate 12 delegates utilising video conferencing.  Their brief to Quadra was to create a clean and functional space, for meetings and video conferencing.  Due to the nature of the area concerned, once the furniture had been designed, built and delivered on site, the client insisted the installation must be completed within 48 hours.


At one end of the room Quadra designed and built a bespoke paneled wall primarily to conceal connecting cables and other services required for the room but also to improve the acoustics as the walls are made of glass.  Located in front of the wall paneling is a matching 4 door credenza to incorporate a Quadra open frame rack to accommodate av components.

The table which is also finished in matching Ash veneer but also including a walnut centre, is designed to seat 12 people all of whom need to enjoy a good view of the display screen and for the VC camera to have good visibility of each room delegate.

The Outcome

The customer was highly delighted with the end result as the meeting space was truly transformed and created a great working environment.  The end user was very happy with the speed and efficiency of the installation.

And yes the installation was completed within the 48 hours allocated!

3 Screen media wall

For this project we manufactured the boardroom table, matching media wall, redecorated the walls, fitted new carpet and installed a new ceiling.

Table incorporated pop up AV connection ports and the media wall includes a fully installed tele presence solution by the AV integrator

Finished in Walnut veneer

The Brief

The University of Chester is a public university located in the historic city of Chester England. The University, the first purpose-built teacher training college in the UK, based in 5 campus sites in and around Chester and one in Warrington, offers a range of foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as undertaking academic research.

The University had a room available which was of the right size and location for a meeting room with tele-presence facilities.  The University had already appoineted an AV integrator to supply and install the AV technology for the room, and after a number of meetings Quadra were appointed to design and provide bespoke furniture and room decoration including suspended ceiling and room lighting.


Quadra was provided with a blank canvas to completely refurbish a meeting room for tele-presence videoconferencing and other purposes. The audio visual technology was provided by a 3rd party AV integrator, leaving Quadra to design and build the boardroom table, media wall as well as providing the suspended ceiling, lighting and carpet.  The ceiling also incorporated a drop down screen and projector to form a standard meeting room layout.

Within the media wall Quadra had to design in 3 display screens for the tele-presence and a large confidence monitor below, we also supplied and incorporated a Quadra open frame rack into one end of the media wall, which was then populated with AV assets by the AV integrator.

With tele-presence in mind, we designed the table in a barrel shape so 6 delegates seated on far side of the table enjoy a clear view of the displays and are clearly visible by the VC cameras located above each screen.

The Outcome

The solution has proven to be an unqualified success.  The client reports that the tele-presence experience is uncannily realistic with the remote participants appearing almost to be in the same room!  The furniture entirely complements the electronics to provide the perfect space and ambiance for video conferencing and other meetings

4×3 wrap-around video display media wall

The Brief

In the first instance, Quadra were approached by an AV integrator acting on behalf of their client, a leading water utility company, who were looking to install a 90 degree media wall in their large boardroom to include a concave corner panel to link both walls to provide a wrap-around solution.

The media wall had to accommodate a 4×3 video wall and at 90 deg to it, an 84” touch screen. To give an idea of scale, the overall dimensions of the media wall is 10m wide by 2.6m high.

Once the end user was satisfied that Quadra had the ability to provide the solution, site meetings were held to discuss drawings and finishes.

Prior to manufacture, a 3d CGI visual was provided incorporating a white melamine finish with a satin vinyl wrap, which the re-seller’s client approved.


All the AV hardware was delivered to Quadra’s workshops to ensure that it would fit perfectly.  Working in partnership with the reseller, Quadra built up the media wall and the integrator then fitted all the hardware. The end users team then visited the workshops to check hardware function and to sign off and approve the media wall. All items were then removed and the wall dismantled, for packing and delivery to site.

In conjunction with the reseller, the Quadra team re-assembled the wall, the reseller’s engineers installed and connected all the AV equipment and the installation was completed on time and on budget.

The Outcome

Feedback received via the reseller was that the end user was absolutely delighted with the finished solution. Board members and visitors were highly complementary both of room functionality and aesthetics.