Libraries & Receptions

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Beautiful bespoke furniture solutions for places of information such as libraries and reception areas can help visitors to easily find what they are looking for and create a positive first impression.

Well designed library shelving guides the visitor to the area they are seeking. Effective storage of books, displayed in a way that is easy for people to look at, is essential.  And mobile trolleys allow staff to work in an efficient manner.

In reception areas the focus is on the reception desk itself, along with storage for the staff who work there,  and comfortable visitor seating areas.  Maybe you have a flat screen display for visitors to watch – why not mount it into a striking media wall?  Digital signage is a common technology in receptions and we can provide supply bespoke point-of-information housings.

Here at Quadra we will happily turn our hands – and machines – to fulfil all your requirements.  You can be sure that our skills and knowledge can help provide a quality solution.

A typical solution for these areas may include:-