Sound Management Solutions

Acoustica Range

The Acoustica range consists of high-quality acoustic absorbers used to reduce reverberation and echo.

A flexible and highly functional product that can be used to treat ceilings and walls idea for meeting rooms and video conferencing areas.

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Acoustica Fabric options

As standard we offer a plain weave fabric which is available in a wide selection of colours. We also offer pure new wool fabrics for a finer lighter version and a soft to handle which are also available in a wide colour pallet.


Made with a Melamine core the panels offer Class A sound absorption at 50mm and Class O BS 476 Part 6 & 7 fire specification (without the addition of flame retardants)

We also have a free standing range, Acoustica Cube for when space is a premium.

Atmosphere range

Atmosphere has excellent acoustic properties mixed with high design flexibility, allowing you to design the acoustic solution into the fabric of your space.

In effect reducing the costs of the acoustic solution considerably.

Excellent sound absorbing properties delivering 0.45 NRC

2.8m long panels ideal for joint-free floor to ceiling panels

Near infinite design possibilities easily fabricated.                                                          Colour is uniform through the entire thickness

Atmosphere has a wide range of Applications

  • Wall coverings and designs
  • Freestanding modular solutions
  • Acoustic wall & ceiling panels
  • Acoustic baffles
  • Screens & dividers
  • Acoustic artwork and pictures
  • Acoustic furniture
  • Desk dividers & partitions
  • Acoustic pin boards and dry wipe boards
  • Acoustic signage (brand & communication)

A broad range of neutral and bright colours allowing the customer to find a palette that matches their brand and/or improve the efficiency and well being of the space

Digitally printable and Lightweight Certified low VOC • Safe, non-toxic and non-irritant.  Long lasting and hard wearing . Easy to clean and wipe down

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